Hello Julie

Julie Nord is our new superstar account director, coming straight from Oslo and Heydays. She started remotely already before summer, but now she is here in our office!

We asked her a few questions just to get to know her better:

Where are you from, originally?
— I grew up in Trøgstad, a tiny commune in Norway where youth was divided into 50/50 greasers in sunky cars with smoky windows and skateboarders cruising around + watching Kids (the movie).

Why did you leave super cool Heydays for a bunch of nerds at Aino?
— It’s actually the other way around, hehe. But seriously, Aino struck me immediately as a group of very cool and talented people, doing great work and has even better values. And since I already decided to move to Gothenburg, the choice of agency was a no-brainer.

What is your favorite joke about Swedes?
— Hvorfos kaster svenskene vann på pc-skjermen? For å vaske windows^^

Ringnes or Pripps Blå?
— Pripps Blå has the most beautiful design on their new 2.8% cans <3 (https://bit.ly/3jDcGgj, red.)

Brunost or Kräftskiva?
— Kräftskiva, but without the hats and Black Tower at 02:15

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Published 2021-09-03