Hello Karin

Karin Eckerdal is our new kick ass Digital Designer that recently joined our team. Karin has an exciting background in the art world with a master’s degree in visual communication from Konstfack and a candidate in design from HDK. She has also run a small digital design studio in her own name - but now she longed for Gothenburg and (fun) colleagues and luckily she found us! Yey! And we must say: It’s a perfect match!

We asked Karin a few questions just to get to know her better:

Who are you?

— Thank you for the kind introduction, I am so happy to join the Aino crew! I think you already mentioned a lot about who I am but you forgot about my love for disco dancing. If I only had one which I would ask for a club with one of those disco floors they have in Saturday night fever (and to be able to dance like John Travolta).

Did you choose the designer profession or did the designer profession choose you? Elaborate!

— At first I wanted to become an architect, but when I went to preparatory art school I was more excited about printmaking than perspective drawing. That led me to think I was better suited for graphic design. I think I learn every day about what the designer profession is about and what I can do to shape it.

Favorite font?

— Serifbabe by Charlotte Rohde

Dream client?

— I don’t have a specific brand or organisation that I dream about working with. For me the dream is to have an interesting and inspiring process and that me and the client both respect and learn from each other.

Last one: Julpynt before the 1st of December - yay or nay?
— Nay!

Published 2021-12-08