Emma S.
  • E-commerce
  • Centra
  • UI+UX design
  • Identity
  • Development
Emma S. skincare is a Swedish skincare brand, founded by former supermodel Emma S. Wiklund.

Emma S. is a well-known brand in Sweden and their products are readily available in pharmacies, retailers, and online all over the country.

The online store was outgrowing it’s WooCommerce backend and needed to re-platform in order to scale into new markets and step up their B2B. Aino was contracted to create a brand-new commerce engine on the Centra platform and re-think how the heritage and brand values could elevate through new digital touchpoints.

”In order for us to reach more markets, we needed a new site that can help us grow in new markets, especially online. That’s why we’ve put a lot of focus on connecting different systems and tools that make the site as locally adapted as possible for each market”, says Emma Wiklund.

A lot of effort was made to reshape the much-needed face-lift as the project progressed. We added depth and diversity to the imagery and introduced new colors and typography that were closer to nature.